Friday, September 21, 2018

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Should We Be Scared About the Rise of Esports?

Two professional gamers were killed by the rival player at the Madden football video game tournament in Jacksonville, on Sunday afternoon, with brutal camera...
OG Instagram APK

*New* OG Instagram APK App Free Download 2018 for Android

Looking forward to Download OG Instagram APK on your android smartphone? Indeed, if the appropriate response is yes then we are here to enable...
Firefox Reality Web Browser

Mozilla Launches Firefox Reality Web Browser For Virtual Reality Headsets

Mozilla has moved new advancement out a browser for virtual reality called as Firefox Reality web browser for a more immersive web browsing experience....
gaming console

How To Choose The Best Gaming Console For You ?

Gaming console resemble gateways that can transport you to the dreamlands. An opportunity to purchase another computer gaming console is now. Here's a snappy...
embrace technology

Can Businesses Survive Without Embracing Technology?

One of the greatest problems facing businesses, both big and small, right now is whether or not they should embrace technology and if so,...

Winamp 5.8 Beta leak appears on the Web With Full Windows 10 Support

Winamp launched in 1997 is one of the most established media players around for Windows which bolsters various audio and video formats including MIDI,...

CSS Based Web Attack Can Crash & Restart iPhones or iPads

A security analyst has found another iOS CSS based web attack that can make an iPhone or iPad restart and a Mac to solidify...
WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp New Feature Launched Which Will Make Texting In The Dark

Facebook-possessed organization WhatsApp has had a bustling year with one update after another. The application is by all accounts always endeavoring to make it...
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire In Woman’s Purse, History Repeats

A woman in Long Island has filed a lawsuit against Samsung after she Samsung Galaxy Note 9 caught fire inside her purse after getting...
Chrome 70

Google Releases Chrome 70 Beta With Sensor For Web-Authentication

Chrome turned 10 years of age this month, and Google celebrated by launching a noteworthy update that changed the program's UI and enhanced execution,...

DesignEvo–An Easy Alternative Way to Make Professional Logos

If you start a new business, you should think about creating a logo for the company or for the products it makes. There are...
Secret Codes

Secret Codes That Unlock Hidden Features on Your Phone

All iOS or Android device have hidden menus of secret codes that enable you to get to specialized data about the gadget, hundred of...
Benchmark Test

Huawei/Honor Caught Cheating Benchmark Test

Huawei/Honor has been caught improving a portion of its best smartphones to over-perform on benchmark test. It was on 4th September 2018 equipment audit...
iOS Apps

Dozens Of Popular iOS Apps Caught Selling Your Location Data

A group of researchers from security firm GuardianApp say many prominent iOS apps are unobtrusively sharing the location information of countless iPhone with 3rd...

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