4 Tips for SEO in 2020

At its most basic, search engine optimization (SEO) is simply the rules and strategies that must be used to get a higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal of SEO is to get more people to visit your website organically, in high volume, and at low costs. However, many newcomers to SEO believe that it is simply a matter of finding out the relevant keywords and hoping for the best.
In 2020, that plan has never been less effective. From website changes to creating the right content, SEO can be an incredibly complex subject. This is made all the harder by the changes and trends that impact the rules of SEO. If you want your SEO to drive the future of your business, these are the search engine optimization trends that you need to adopt in 2020.

1. Featured Snippets

Search engines have shifted so that they no longer have to simply guide users to the answers that they need. Instead, featured snippets provide those answers immediately, and that is leading to a lot of confusion for SEO specialists. Being a featured snippet in your sector is increasingly crucial. Some snippets will positively affect your website visits, while others will actually have the opposite effect. Learn as much as possible about optimizing for snippets, with a firm focus on direct answers to common industry queries.

2. Online Security

Brand trust will continue to play a large part in your SEO. After all, if your website looks amateur or untrustworthy, then you won’t keep people on your pages for very long and you certainly won’t convince them to hand over their payment details. It is more vital than ever that your website has enabled HTTPS protocol. This will give you a minor boost to your SEO, but it is one of those small boosts that can have a major effect.

3. The Digital Experience

If a page takes longer than a few seconds to open, modern audiences will leave right away and head to your faster competitors. That leads to a high bounce rate, which has a dramatic negative impact on your SEO and SERP performance. Modern audiences want speed and value in their digital experience, and failing to ensure that your website is fast, clear of clutter, and optimized for viewing on any device will only limit your online visibility.

4: Providing Solutions

When people head to search engines, they do so because they have questions that need answering and the needs that they want to be met. That’s where your content comes in. It is very easy to fall into the trap of creating content that is written solely for SEO, but this is a mistake. Always create your content with the pain points of your audience in mind and focus on solving their issues. Use established SEO experts to ensure that you get the optimized content and managed SEO strategy that will elevate your positioning in both the minds of your audience and in your SERP rankings.
SEO is a sprawling, constantly evolving subject. As trends emerge and replace existing strategies, you must keep up to date with all of the demands that search engines are placing on brands. Take the time to get your SEO strategy right in 2020, and it could be the year that you outperform your competitors and establish your place as an industry leader.


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