Today’s online casinos are continually growing and expanding in terms of new games and gaming opportunities for the players. It seems like every day there is a new online casino game that pops up on your screen. While that might be true, not all of them are of high quality or worth your attention. However, some of these games are worth your time. Their unique and almost unusual design, gaming methods, and overall experience make them worthwhile. Make sure you try out some of these four games if you come across them on your online casino journey.


Spingo is one of the most original games you could play in an online casino, developed by Microgaming. It is an exciting combination of roulette and bingo — it has properties of both games with a few changes, of course. Instead of two colors, as in roulette, the game has three colors on which you place your bets. Also, instead of numbers zero to 36, you have a more limited choice of zero to ten. The game goes like this — if you place a bet, for example, on three-blue, and the number three ball is called out — like in bingo — before landing on a color, you win! Players can additionally place bets on odds and evens, colors, green as the fourth color with a single panel, and halves. Spingo resembles roulette more than it does bingo, but it’s an interesting spin on both games if you’re looking for something exciting and new to try out.

Crown and Anchor

Crown and Anchor is probably the strangest yet the most exhilarating game you can play in an online casino. Microgaming also develops this game, and the game’s graphics will make you wonder if you have genuinely traveled back to the 18th century. It is easy to play, and the rules are quite straightforward. All you need to do is choose one of the six symbols — heart, club, spade, diamond, crown, or anchor — and place a bet between $1 and $500 on the symbols. Three dice are thrown to land on one, or more, symbols. The rewards are enormous if the dice land on the symbol you chose. If two dice land on your symbol, it pays 2:1, and if all three land on your symbol, it pays 3:1. Naturally, you can bet on all six symbols, but where’s the fun in that? The rules are simple, and the game is gripping with big payouts.

Mystic Wheel Slot

Mystic Wheel comes from innovative and creative minds at Red Tiger Gaming. If you stumble upon this online slot game, try it out solely because of its amazing graphics — it has features of the Celtic culture, and it takes you on a travel hunt inside a cave. The story will take you on a fascinating journey, which is even more eye-catching because of the artistic game symbols. Mystic Wheel is a five-reel, 30-pay line video slot that offers one additional feature — the Mystic Wheel feature. Three Scatters trigger this feature on the reels. The different fields offer different awards, such as a win multiplier, extra spins, and multiplier boosters. Aside from the compelling graphics and unique gameplay, the Mystic Wheel slot provides a maximum payout that’s 10,000 times the bet. If you happen to be an avid slot player, this is the right game for you.

Pinball Roulette

Another variant of the classic roulette game, but this time in combination with pinball. Just the name of the game makes you want to try it. Pinball Roulette is developed by Playtech and Ash Gaming — a unique, fun, and rewarding hybrid game. Pinball Roulette starts as a traditional roulette game, but it gets interesting when you decide to place a bet. Instead of a roulette wheel, you get a pinball machine — the ball will bounce and move in the field until it ends at the bottom of the pinball machine where it sets the winning number. If you win, you will have two choices. You can collect your winnings, or you can go back to the roulette table and continue to play on a different pinball machine. If you win again, you will end up with the multiplier bonus. The game delivers when it comes to igniting a spark — it won’t get dull, and you can win a lot of cash. As you can see, there are many exciting and fun casino games you can try playing online. If none of these catch your interest, there are so many more kinds to explore. You can even start playing some casino games for free! You can easily get a free spin casino sign up bonus as part and parcel of signing up. If that sounds interesting, don’t let us stop you – give it a try, it could be fun.


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