Access Without Keyboard

Windows computers can suffer from issues with the keyboard not responding. Microsoft has included a way to access without a keyboard using only a mouse or a touchscreen. We’re going to show you how to access without the keyboard.

A PC with a touchscreen also has a touch keyboard. When you’re using a PC with a touchscreen, tap in a text field or other area where you can type and the touch keyboard appears.

Turn on your computer normally and you should see the login screen as usual.

Check out the screen until the point that you see symbol the Ease of Access Center at the left bottom corner of your windows screen and then select On-Screen Keyboard.

A virtual keyboard shows up on the screen same as a smartphone or tablet keyboard that can be utilized to move around the screen and enter content. The virtual keyboard will stay on the screen until the point that you close it.

Now all you have to perform is simply click in the login field, at that point tap on the right letters or numbers on the virtual keyboard to enter your password. When you’re finished, simply click either “Enter” or the get access button, and you’ll get on windows home.

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A faulty keyboard is usually either due to Drivers or Damaged Hardware. Try a different keyboard, or plug it into a different USB port. Once you’re on Windows you should be able to correct whatever’s wrong with your keyboard.

What’s more, if, for reasons unknown you have to get to Windows without a mouse, you should be able to enter your password immediately on the login screen. On the off chance that the login field loses focus, simply press “Tab” to get to it once more.

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