Google Docs

Google Docs is the most reliable and feature-rich documents editing application. Google Docs allows multiple users to share, edit, import, export and much more.

It’s a better way when we want to collaborate and work together. There are also variety of Google Docs add-ons that adds on with the native features Google offers.

Here, we are listing few other alternatives to Google Docs

Best Alternatives To Google Docs

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Word Online is a feature-rich alternative to Google Docs. Microsoft Office online suite is the free online version of Microsoft’s office suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

You require a Microsoft account to access the Online office suite. All you documents will be saved in Microsoft OneDrive, just like Google docs saves the documents in your Google Drive.

Using Microsoft Word Online , user will be able to save the document in PDF or ODT format, and perform most of the tasks that are possible with the desktop MS office installed version.

Microsoft Word Online uses the similar User Interface as that of Microsoft Office.

In Microsoft Word Online, users cannot edit or modify the data offline, While in Google Docs users can edit offline as well. That makes Google docs differ from Microsoft online. Also Microsoft online suite is similar to the offline one.

Zoho Office

Zoho Office / Writer is similar to Google Docs and still unique in its features. Zoho allows users to work online and offline using its both desktop and web based apps.  

It has Auto-Synchronization feature that saves all the data edited on any of the platforms. You require a Zoho account to access Zoho Docs. It is possible to share a document and allows multiple users to edit the same. It will let you create, manage and synchronize documents on multiple devices.


OnlyOffice is another feature-rich  alternative to Google Docs. It allows users to connect different cloud storage accounts making it easy to synchronize and store a document.

It allows multi-users to share a document and edit the documents. It has almost all features just like Microsoft Word. You can even download the documents in formats like PDF, DOCX, ODT, TXT,DOC, HTML, PPT, PPTX etc.

It has a good selection of formatting tools and  also supports add-ons that allows users to insert videos, edit pictures, translate texts. This is surely another good alternative to Google Docs.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper was another Google Docs alternative for text documents  and has a great user interface. It doesn’t have spreadsheet or a presentation application.

Users  can invite people or share with others to view or edit the document. All the documents will be stored in Dropbox. And so you require a Dropbox account to access the Dropbox Paper.

Users can easily embed other contents like Images, YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Docs using this amazing application. It is free and simple to use And allows Syncing of a folder full of your files between many different computers.


Etherpad is a open-source online editor that allows users to edit documents . This application provides text editing only. It doesn’t have spreadsheet or  presentation application just like Dropbox Paper.

Etherpad is a solid choice for developers and programmers. Users can edit the text on the Etherpad in real-time, and changes will appear automatically in no time. You can even chat in the sidebar, highlight which user made a given change, and save revisions to revert.

It’s a great application for writing and editing documents, if you just want to use your browser and collaborate on formatted plain text in real time.

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