As we know all new Android features will have some hidden features, mostly google makes sure these features are hidden in order attempt to repair from the normal users. Android 9 Pie has a major update after the Oreo with some sleek hidden features.
In this article we will list out some hidden features in Android 9 Pie.
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#Auto Rotate

With the Android 9 Pie you no longer have to turn on or off the Auto Rotate option anymore, you will get the an animated rotation icon on your screen whenever you tilt the device.

#Split Screen At One Place

Latest Android version have option to split the screen on the recent application screen. When you are on the recent application menu you will be able to find a pop up window to split the screen, ping the scree and app info all in one place.

#Emergency Lockdown

With the Emergency Lockdown features you will have the option to instantly disable fingerprint sensor, facials recognition and hide all sensitive content on your lock screen. You will be able to turn on the feature by pressing the power button.

#Standby Buckets Hidden Features

You also have the option to limit the data usage of application in the background with the new feature Standby Buckets. This feature will categorize like Active, Working Set, Frequent and Rare the application which will share the resources properly like CPU, battery and RAM accordingly.

#App Timer

Another feature is App Timer that set time limit on installed application and grays out icon from your device for the hole day. You will be able to find the option user the dashboard settings.

#System UI Notifications

If you need need any notification on your battery status, system update, screenshot, etc then on Android 9 Pie you have the option to disable the System UI Notification. Go to UI setting and turn off the notification.
Now you have an idea of some hidden features on Android 9 Pie which you can give a try once you have the device updated with the new version.


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