Android Apps for Homework

Among the elements that play a crucial role in our day to day life, mobile phones rank top on the list. However, like fire, mobile phones can be productive servants and quite destructive masters. Especially when doing homework, poor phone habits can limit your productivity and lead to poor results.

To ensure that you gain the most from your device, mustering knowledge on how to harness the power of phones to realize your study goals is only necessary. To ensure this, we prepared a list of best android apps for homework which will boost your productivity. With these at your service, you are assured to be on an upward spiral that only leads to ever leading places of joy and higher rankings.

If you need help on college papers, however, ensure that you engage professionals thus efficiently handling challenging class work.

Photo math

Thanks to AI, android apps for homework have never been more productive. Just by snapping a photo of your question, this app engages its algorithm to identify and solve the problem thus providing accurate answers.

Even better, this works faster than traditional Android apps for homework, therefore, ensuring that you don’t waste time to get solutions. Since it provides detailed answers, it arms you with relevant information to handle similar queries in the future thus ensuring you become better at studies.


A common homework application for Android is Socratic. Like the latter, getting solutions to your answer is one scan away. However, there are some topics this app is not well versed with thus requires you to realize issues you can handle with this.


Of all productivity apps for android, forest ranks top of the list. This app deters you from using the phone during your study sessions in the most fantastic way. When beginning, you plant a seed that keeps growing as long as the screen stays off. 

Depending on the time you want to read, you can grow a different plant, therefore, ensuring that you study for minutes you had set aside. As a reward for growing a plant successfully, you get coins that you can use to unlock new crops in the app. However, this is more of a productivity-boosting app as opposed to an app for preventing distractions.

Lecture Notes

When attending classes, you may forget to carry your notebook in a rush. However, this does not imply that you ought to miss out on notes. With lecture notes, you can quickly type notes in your phone thus keeping up with progress in class.  However, if your lecturers do not fancy the idea of taking notes with the phone, ward away from using this as it may cost you marks.

Homework Planner

When preparing ideas for your homework, achieving flow can seem impossible. As such, homework planner ranks the best android app for homework as it helps you to put ideas in the line thus bringing out a good flow in your essay.

Even better, this app comes in a small size, therefore, is ideal for all android users. Even better, you can set reminders with this app thus ensuring you are not late for deadlines.

Having control of your phone is crucial in reaching optimal results. With the above-mentioned Android apps for homework, you can direct your time on the phone to relies on school goals thus achieving your scholarly goals. For help with various assignments, however, consult custom term papers thus getting work that attracts you quality results.

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