Android TV Soon To Have Google Duo Video Calls

Google Duo is coming soon to beta-based Android TV, in the form of a native version. With this you can initiate video calls directly from your TV via Google Duo.
This move appears to be part of Google’s plan to add more functionality to the video-calling bandwagon, improving how people can communicate and function during the pandemic.
A preview of the Google Duo will be launched for Android TV in the coming weeks. With the app , users can initiate single-on-one and community video calls.
If your TV is not fitted with a camera, you can simply plug in a USB camera, Google said in their blog post, but make sure your TV supports such a thing.
Google Duo has been around for nearly 5 years and is available for Android , iOS, Web and even smart displays such as the Google Nest Hub Max. Now, Google is expanding Google Duo support by bringing smart Android TVs to bear on the spectrum.

The company has been bringing in features in order to push for video communications on a bigger screen. “Whether you’re on mute in a larger meeting and want to concentrate on your task at hand, casting to your TV can help you be more productive and stay focused,” Company said in a statement.

This announcement comes shortly after Google revealed Google Meet support which is yet another Google video calling service on Chromecast.
So if Google Meet is your video calling service option, you can now simply cast the call from your phone to a cast-compatible computer like your laptop or your TV.
The quest big has intended reportedly to replace Google Duo with Google Meet. G Suite head Javier Soltero has reportedly instructed staff not to make sense of the coexistence of Duo and Touch, any video calling app. A merger is often deliberately referred to internally as ‘Duet’ (Duo + Meet).
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