Answering A Video Call

Natalie Silvanovich, a Google Project Zero security specialist, has revealed a basic security defect in WhatsApp. It utilizes end-to-end encryption technique in messages or calls or video calling, your smartphone could, in any case, get hacked by simply answering a video call.

This sounds dingy yet critical vulnerability was found in WhatsApp that could have enabled hackers to remotely take full control of your WhatsApp just by video calling you over the Facebook-owned messaging application.

“Heap corruption can occur when the WhatsApp mobile application receives a malformed RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) packet. It affects both the Android and iPhone clients.” Mentioned in the bug report.

The vulnerability is a memory heap flood issue which just gets activated when a client gets an uncommonly made contorted RTP packet by means of a video call on WhatsApp. Getting that call brings about crashing the messaging application and debasement error.

Since the vulnerability influence RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) execution of Whatsapp, the blemish influences Android and iOS applications, yet not WhatsApp Web that depends on WebRTC for answering a video call.

So hackers just need your phone number to totally take control of your WhatsApp account and keep an eye on your discussions.

Natalie found and reported this vulnerability to WhatsApp group in August this year, and the organization revealed the update with patches on September 28th to Android gadgets and to iPhone clients on October 3.

Silvanovich additionally distributed evidence of concept code, alongside guidelines for replicating the WhatsApp attack.

The vulnerability just influences Android and iOS applications, since they utilize the RTP for video conferencing. Then again, WhatsApp Web that relies upon WebRTC for video calls was unaffected.

In spite of the fact that the WhatsApp bug has been fixed, we prescribe WhatsApp clients to update to the most recent version of the messaging application on Android and iOS.

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