Apple Is Offering A Free iPhone 11 Replacement Program With Display Problems

A free screen replacement from Apple can now be accessed by iPhone 11 users with touchscreen problems. But now Apple has released a new iPhone 11 device replacement display module program where the displays through stop reacting to contact.
Apple states that these touchscreen problems could be faced by the iPhone 11 modules produced between November 2019 and May 2020 and the company is offering qualifying customers free service.
In order to help impacted customers figure out whether they are eligible for a replacement, the company has set up a support page on its website.
You need to paste the serial number on their help page to see if your iPhone 11 device qualifies for free screen repair. Apple or an Apple Approved Service Provider can offer service free of charge after entering the serial number and whether the phone is suitable for repair.
How to check the serial number?

  • On your iPhone 11, you need to open Settings and then tap General and then About.
  • If you have experienced this problem with your iPhone 11, please use the serial number checker below to see if your system qualifies for this service. If so, free of charge, Apple or an Apple Approved Service Provider can provide the service.
  • In addition, those iPhone 11 users who previously faced this issue and got it resolved are also entitled to a refund for the same. The replacement service is available for two years after the purchase of the iPhone 11.

However the replacement service only covers those screen problems and it does not involve a cost-free broken screen repair. It said that for devices with other problems like broken screen, before the operation, it will have to be solved.
In such situations, Apple explained on its support page, there would most likely be a fee for the additional repair.
Apple also added that repairs to the original country or area of purchase may be restricted or limited. This global Apple service does not expand the iPhone 11’s normal warranty coverage.
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