Apple To Soon Launch Its Own Search Engine to Take on Google

Apple could eventually launch its own search engine and face Google head on. If rumours are to be believed a big deal is coming to an end between Apple and Google.

Google allegedly pays Apple billions of dollars to remain the default search engine for the company on iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

The deal has been placed under UK market regulator’s scrutiny. All of these factors add to the speculation that the Cupertino-giant may possibly be considering building its own search engine.

It noticed, for instance, that the organization had set up job openings for search engineers. The listings emphasize the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI ) , machine learning (ML), and the application of natural language (NLP) into the services.

Apple indicates that Apple Search may take the following into account when ranking web search results:

  • Aggregated user engagement with search results
  • Relevancy and matching of search terms to webpage topics and content
  • Number and quality of links from other pages on the web
  • User location based signals (approximate data)
  • Webpage design characteristics

There is further evidence that the works at Apple have a search engine. Recently the company posted numerous search engineer work reports. In fields such as artificial intelligence , machine learning and NLP, the organization was searching for specialists.

But that doesn’t actually apply to working on a search engine-Apple might just be trying to raise money for Siri and Spotlight’s further growth. Since the deal has come under scanner between the two firms, it can be speculated that Apple may wish to separate ways with Google soon.

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