Apple Planning To Bring FaceID To Macs 2020

Using Face ID, you can unlock your iPhone and iPads, but you do need to type in your password or set up your Apple Watch to access your Mac automatically. And depending on which Apple Mac model you have you can also use your Touch ID fingerprint.

Nonetheless, evidence of Apple planning to add FaceID to Mac computers has been found in the new macOS beta. A code snippet has suggested that we might see the option of safe face unlock in Macs soon.

It’s been speculated before, and Apple has said that Face ID will get to more apps, but a recent patent application is the first to confirm that it will be introduced to some sort of MacBook.

Apple’s patent application highlights how users store confidential information, and also that a laptop’s capabilities mean people are using it to do ever more complicated work that is potentially a problem. This needs to operate within the limitations of the devices themselves, however valuable this protection is.

One of the big moves towards implementing FaceID in MacBooks will be to incorporate Neural Engine, as it is one of the key components for face data analysis. Apple has recently announced it is dropping Intel chips in favor of their home-made chipsets.

Now, Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models are using Touch ID and have a button built into the keyboard that is operated by the machine’s T2 chips. Since 2016, when the Touch Bar was first introduced in MacBook Pro models, Apple’s Macs have been promoting ubiquitous Touch ID.

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