Pay Apple Tax & Subscribe To Twitch Streamers On iOS

Once you have an iOS device and have downloaded the Twitch app, you can now login to your favorite streamers from your iOS device. If they’re paying the Apple tax and upgrading their Twitch app.
It will provide the same advantages of subscribing to the desktop including ad-free streaming, sub-signs, channel emots and sub-only chat, as well as monetary support for the partner or affiliate.
To subscribe to iOS, you need to purchase what Twitch is asking for “iOS Sub Tokens,” which is priced at $5.99, or barely higher than the regular $5 for a Tier 1 sub — and that’s because of Apple’s reduction in purchasing apps.
You can redeem it for a one-month subscription to the Tier 1 after you purchase the token. In fact, it’s simple. You can buy at one time up to 12 tokens.
The same token costs $5 via Twitch’s website and other sites. The company says this is to ensure that, irrespective of the site, creators receive equal revenue from subscriptions.

“Creators get paid a share of the iOS subscription, just as they do for subscriptions purchased on other platforms. To ensure streamers earn a similar revenue from Subs regardless of platform, tokens cost $5.99 to account for mobile app store fees.”

Whether you can purchase Tier 2 or 3 subscription with them is not obvious. Nonetheless, they have begun the party with a sweetheart deal: if you buy tokens this month you can get 2 for $8.99.
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