ASUS dependably has a couple of shocks in store at Computex, and this year is the same. Amid its keynote today, ASUS revealed its Project Precog idea PC, a dual-screen PC with AI features. It appears to be like Lenovo’s Yoga Book, however ideally it’ll be something other than an oddity like that machine.

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“Intelligent Touch automatically recognizes the active input device and changes the virtual interface accordingly. It can automatically adjust the keyboard location depending on where the user places their fingertips, or automatically switch to stylus mode when a stylus touches the lower screen,” ASUS said in a press release.

Since AI is the subject of the year, Project Precog is an AI-controlled laptop that utilize artificial intelligence and profound programming mix to capitalize on its two, full-sized displays. The AI can foresee how you’d get a kick out of the chance to utilize the PC and sense whether there is a mouse or keyboard around. If not, it will fly up virtual ones for you.

ASUS’s double screen PC is furnished with two touch screens, where the main touch screen is in its ordinary place and the second one is instead of the keyboard. The Precog PC has a 360-degree pivot that enables the client to change from workstation mode, book mode, tent mode and level mode. In PC mode, the base screen just serves as a keyboard, while in level mode, it enables the client to play recreations on the two screens. The second display can be utilized as a console; nonetheless, when an outer console is associated, the two screens can be utilized together in picture mode.

Best of all, Project Precog isn’t only an oddity idea. Asus wants to discharge the dual-screen laptop at some point one year from now. What stays to be seen is that how costly this cutting edge PC will be on its discharge.

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