Augmented Reality Apps

Technology has evolved significantly in recent years with unique products and technologies being introduced all the time.

While some of these items may seem like just another gimmick, others could potentially be extremely useful with a bright future. Which one do you think these items will be?

Augmented Reality

As technology continues to find ways in which to bring about new realities, augmented reality is one form of technology that seems to be here to stay. The idea behind augmented reality is to superimpose digital objects and media on the real world.

Many have seen this idea before it was officially created in the movie, “Minority Report”. While headsets haven’t officially been released they are definitely in the works with more and more AR apps being available for download.


Let’s face it, our lives today are not only hectic but they are really noisy. No matter if you’re at home or in the office, noise can be a concern.  Consider the use of mobile phones and how people simply will carry on a conversation literally anywhere. Have you find yourself rather annoyed with this? The Hushme could be a solution for this problem.

This “voice mask” is designed to be used with mobile phones. The purpose is to let the phone’s user carry on a conversation without bothering anyone nearby. This new tool can also help protect one’s privacy when discussing sensitive information.

Vacuum Shoes

Vacuuming can be a rather cumbersome chore for most people. There is always a market for gadgets that could make mundane tasks like this a bit simpler. Enter the idea of vacuum shoes. Wearers simply need to press down on a pedal each time they take a step.

This then provides power to the motor which helps to suck up any dirt into a small receptacle built within the shoes. The shoes are rather fashionable incorporating the popular platform shoe into the design.