Bangle.js Smartwatch First Hackable Open Source JS & TensorFlow-Driven

Bangle.js is an open-source hackable smartwatch that NearForm Research and Espruino have co-developed.

Bangle.js is said to be the world’s first JavaScript (JS) hackable open source smartwatch powered by the machine learning framework of Google’s TensorFlow Lite.

It’s hardware consist of NRF52832 processor, 3-axis compass,heart rate monitor, Google Plus Codes,Piezo speaker and Vibration motor, Settings including Privacy, accelerator, GPS, Bluetooth LE, 32 mbit flash and a 240×240 color LCD
with 2-zone touch.

As soon as Google revealed TensorFlow Lite for Micro-controllers at the TensorFlow Dev event in March, Espruino developers apparently got TensorFlow running smoothly on Bangle.js.

Developers can build their own Bangle.js system AI applications and Non-programmers can interact with Bangle.js using the Blockly or Node-RED built into the Chrome Web IDE of Espruino.

“Bangle.js is not just about a single device, codebase or company. I believe it has the potential to bootstrap a community-driven open health platform where anyone can build or use any compatible device and everyone owns their own data. Machine Learning is a critical aspect of health technology and we’re so pleased to be further involved in the TensorFlow open source project,” said Conor O’Neill, chief product officer for NearForm.

It’s in fact a project made for fun and experiments. NearForm also sacked its project Clinic.js, where the smartwatch can help to diagnose health issues.

The Bangle.js Micro-controller device can be easily disassembled with just 4 screws and replaced or fixed.

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