Bayfiles, the file-hosting administration initially propelled by two Pirate Bay prime co-founders, makes a rebound under new proprietorship this week. The site vanished after the 2014 strike on a Stockholm datacenter.

The BayFiles site that was dead in 2014 has been breathing life into back this week by a mysterious gathering of privacy-oriented individuals who toyed with the possibility of relaunching it. While the new administrators have procured the webpage’s areas and logotype from TPB prime supporter Fredrik Neij, otherwise known as TiAMO, the site will begin sans preparation for all the old information and its potential clients have gone.

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“Registering an account is, of course, optional and only for you to keep track of your own files, and there are no download caps or speed limits for anonymous users. Ads tend to be annoying and that doesn’t rhyme with our principles of having a clean site, so we will try our best to keep the service afloat through the subscription model.” the new BayFiles team said.


BayFiles is a site and files hosting service that gives clients a chance to upload files to its servers and share them on the web. Clients are given a link to get to their records, which can be imparted to anybody on the web so they can download the documents related to the specific link.

One of the basic highlights of the BayFiles hosting service is that it refuses the transfers of any substance that abuses 3rd party copyright laws. Within BayFiles a limited capacity to focus time after its launch in 2011 figured out how to collect a relentless client base.

The installments are altogether overseen in digital forms of money or simply called as cryptocurrencies. This is something the Bayfiles group acknowledged from the past, as various installment processors have prior banned the site.

The reason for existing is to make sharing as fast and easy as likely, and the inherent film and audio players certainly empower with this. The new BayFiles group is hoping to hold the old feel of the site notwithstanding a couple of little changes.

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