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You must consider cleaning your android device when your Android device is low on memory or running slow. Cache becomes full over a period of time and needs to be cleared, which affects the device performance.

The junk images also consumes a lot of space unnecessarily. It’s a good practice to clean your device to boost performance, enhance battery life and get rid of junk files. Doing this manually is time consuming and at times ineffective.

So, It’s always good to install Cleaner apps when your phone’s performance slow downs or you’re your phone is running out of memory. Here we provide few best Android Cleaner app to boost phone’s performance.

Best Android Cleaner Apps To Boost Performance

Android Cleaning application is a utility tool that helps us to optimize our device and boost the device performance. Below listed are few android cleaner apps that deletes your junk files in the device in a single tap.

Clean Master

It is one of the best and fast-growing cleaner apps for android that has over 1 billion downloads on Play Store. Clean Master app comes with space cleaner and  also antivirus for Android. It enhances the performance of our device by clearing up RAM and removing remove junk files, cache files, and unwanted apps.

Features of Clean Master:

  • Interactive and  User friendly interface.
  • Integrated app lock for keeping your apps safe.
  • It comes with Photo Vault, to hide your personal photos.
  • Identify fake Wi-Fi and safeguards your device from unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
  • Battery saver feature to optimize battery life.

GO Speed

GO Speed is a popular device cleanup app with  millions of downloads. It is rated as the most optimization app in the world. This lightweight  free  app helps to  boost up your phone by 60%. You will require  an Android device running version 4.1 or higher to use this app.

It comes with a wide variety  of features to boost the device performance

  • App lock by default
  • Recommends you to delete unused apps for a long time
  • Recovers space by deleting residual files, temp files, and other unwanted files
  • Clean background processes

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is an optimization tool that allows you to increase the processing speed of your Android device and clean the internal memory, getting rid of useless files that are just taking up space without providing any benefits.

Features of Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster:

  • Phone Boost & Memory Boost
  • Junk File Cleaner & CPU Cooler 
  • Scan installed apps, memory card content, and new apps automatically.
  • Scan and clean redundant APK files

C Cleaner

C Cleaner finds and eradicates Junk and temporary files to help system execution and increment free desk space.

Features if C Cleaner;

  • Complete Cleaning – cleaning across multiple users in a single click
  • It helps you get to work, or play faster by letting you disable unneeded programs.  
  • CCleaner Network improves system stability and helps prevent data loss by clearing out the registry

Avast Cleanup And Boost

Avast Cleanup is a very viable store and junk cleaner application for Android. Expel extra files and unused applications with a straightforward tap for a quicker, progressively incredible smartphone.

Features of Avast Cleanup And Boost;

  • Identify and delete apps you no longer us
  • Identify the ‘best photo’ out of a group
  • Clear out app cache and other unnecessary files from Android and your apps

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