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Android Launcher is nothing but the way we arrange and organize the installed application on our Android Smartphone. Sometimes we feel difficult or tricky with the appearance of the application on our Android Smart phone, so give a difference we need to install the 3rd party launcher.

The launcher is one of the most custom feature on our Android smartphone, without an Android launcher user will not have the option to customize their home screen or organize the application installed on their smart phone.

Users will have the option to change the color scheme, icons, backgrounds, etc. using a launcher. But not all launchers are battery dominates, so in this article we will list out the top best Android Launcher to enhance the looks and performance of your smartphone.

Best Android Launcher 2019

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best fast and lightweight launcher for Android users, which provide different features to get the excellent look without affecting your device performance.

It provided user tons of free nova launcher themes and icon packs inside the Play Store, users just need to find our the next one suitable for their device.
It was developed by TeslaCoil Software, but the free version lacks some features notification badge, etc. But the Nova setting are easier to check for the features you would have missed.

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is famous embodiment unique customization Android launcher, users will be amazed by the speed and response of the launcher.

It has an inbuilt in building up-locker and RAM cleaner which makes it easier for users as there is no need to additionally install any other application for the same.

The main and most important features of Buzz Launcher and makes it unique is the Screen Effect, where users will have the option to get overlays effects for your wallpaper instead of replacing it.

Users will always have the option to explore the new features as it has more that 700,000 dwelling displays uploaded. So give it a try.

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is a free lightweight and an easy-to-use launcher for Android users and the developer has designed the application to have the best performance and speed for your device.

It has as default grid size of 5×6 but users has the option to change between from 3×4 to 12×12. Evie include the features like icon size, icon labels, column size, etc.

Similar to other launcher it provides a search bar, but in addition to searching for apps, contacts, and settings it can be used for such websites.

Action Launcher

Action launcher is another free customizable launcher for your Android device that help you to change the grid size, but if the user is looking to change the icon size then they have to go for the premium version.

It has a Material Light and Dark theme in the free version and also let you customize or change multiple dock separator styles, background color, width, tint effect etc.

Similar to other launcher it also comes with the search bar and users will have the option to change the search bar position or even disable it. Action launcher also provides the option to change the logo style of the search bar.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher comes last in the list, but that is also one of the best comparing to other 4. It provides the user’s option like customizable grid, scrollable dock, transition effects, and locking the device.

Apex launcher also provides users the option to search frequently used application or new application through the search bar.

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