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Lightweight Apps are quickly getting to be standard on the Google Play Store. The vast majority of the well known Android applications like Facebook, Google Chrome, Gmail, Messenger thus more come in the Lite applications version that may take care of your concern.

A few developers plan the Android applications just with the aim of superior and better client experience. Remembering this, they endeavor to add pointless illustrations and capacities to guarantee that their application gets introduced on the smartphones offering high specifications. In any case, these highlights just tend to add to the storage and battery misfortunes of the smartphones.

On the off chance that you are searching for a portion of the best Android Lite applications to spare storage space, at that point here is a rundown of them.

1.Facebook Lite

Official lite applications version of Facebook which installs fast, loads quickly and uses less data and controls battery deplete. The UI of the application has been peaceful, basic yet includes every single basic apparatus improve it a Facebook application for low memory smartphones.

Google Play Store

2.UC Browser Mini


The UC Browser, Mini is a lightweight browser application which packs every one of the qualities of UC browser Android application on 3.7 MB bundle. The application includes quick browsing, night mode, data sparing, and even an advertisement blocker.

Google Play Store

3.360 Security Lite

360 Security Lite is the man across the board Android optimizer,speed supporter, Battery saver and antivirus application that enhances your experience applications, deals with the memory space, cleans junk (cache) records and expands your battery life, while guarding your gadget from infection and Trojans.

Google Play Store

4.Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite is another in the rundown of applications to spare storage space on your Android phone. Twitter Lite is a quicker and information well disposed application for giving individuals a chance to see the present occasions of the world without any difficulty.

Google Play Store

5.Clean Master Lite

Celebrated cache and junk file cleaning application currently comes in a littler package (3.6MB) to quicken your Android gadget. The application composed in an approach to perform capacities with most reduced power utilization.

Google Play Store

6.LinkedIn Lite

Lite android form of LinkedIn which is worked to work proficiently even on moderate web associations consumes negligible phone space, ensuring your phone memory is spared.

Google Play Store

7.Skype Lite

Skype Lite version of this application has been intended to work well even with bring down data transfer capacities like that of the 2G systems.

Google Play Store

8.YouTube Go

YouTube Go is the lite version of the first YouTube application. While the lightweight application is enhanced for lower storage gadgets like Android Go, you can utilize this YouTube application on some other gadget.

Google Play Store

9.Messenger Lite

One of the primary explanations behind utilizing the Messenger Lite application is that there is the non appearance of any Messenger Day includes or even the new powerful design of this application. Thus, things are quite basic in the Lite form of the Messenger application for Android phones.

Google Play Store

10.Opera Mini Lite Applications

Opera Mini is the lighter form of the Opera browser. This form has been intended for helping the clients in exploring the Internet with diminished storage room and smaller transfer speed requirements.

Google Play Store

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