Top 5 Best News Apps For Android & iOS Smartphones?

If you’re an addict to news but just don’t seem to be able to stay ahead of all the content you’re going through, you might be trying to find a solution.
Android and iOS has a ton of great applications to choose from thanks to the Google Play and Apple Store’s massive selection. But if you want to repair your daily news, we suggest that you check out this little number.

Best News Apps For Android & iOS Smartphones?

Google News

If everything you want is a simple app that shows you the headlines and perhaps the daily weather, check out Google News and Weather.
It pulls in sources from the vast network of Google, which includes a total of 65,000 publications. The app will set up a daily email to send you the day’s most important stories, or press Full Coverage to get it all without Google’s cure.
Google News offers a similar interface on the iPhone and Android smartphones. Google News comes with a feature that analyzes your tastes and connects you with the information you care about.


Flipboard has become one of the most popular Android and iOS news apps. And that’s why.
The news reader has hundreds of publications available, and Flipboard offers a wide range of topics. It’s been around for a while and with its image-heavy, magazine-style layout, it was one of the first applications to make reading the news less dull.
It includes fun animations, big pictures, a UI, as well as additional features for exploration content.


Free news app SmartNews helps you to read stories from more than 300 trusted sites-even if you don’t have an internet connection.
The app’s layout is simple and intuitive. Swipe through various channels hosting topics such as Top News, Politics, Sports, Tech, Entertainment, and so on, or publishers such as Business Insider, Bleacher Report, National Geographic, click stories to read them, and set news reports.
It already has more than 40 million users worldwide, with a high level of commitment and has been awarded Best of 2013 by Apple and Google’s Best App of the Year 2013.


A great mix of fascinating news and entertainment will be the Reddit News Feed feature. Only in 2016 did Reddit release an official app, but it soon became one of the best ways to experience Reddit on Android and iOS.
Reddit is famous for having the group that is most active and even has a choice to chat. The structure and features, however, are not what you would expect from a newspaper app. Subreddits that allow you to see different interests can be subscribed to.
For practically anything from style to software, Android to iOS, and everything in between, you will find a subreddit.


Feedly is one of the world’s most popular news apps. It’s a follower of the RSS. The RSS news feed app is perfect for people who only trust direct news outlets and hate cosmetic brands that are bombarded with news.
It comes with Facebook, IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. integration. You can also access your feed with their website on your mobile phone or computer.
Stemming from the ashes of the shut down Google Reader, Feedly has developed and improved its service and software, and it’s a pretty good all-round option.
Feedily may be smaller than some of the heavyweights listed above in the news app market, but it’s getting stronger.

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