Open Source Web Servers

Insights demonstrate to us that well more than 80% of web applications and sites are controlled by open source web servers. Web servers have made some amazing progress since the CERN httpd was produced by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 as a major aspect of a similar undertaking that brought about the primary ever web program.

Open source demonstrates to any program whose source code is made available for utilize or adjustment to clients or engineers which are appropriate. Open source software is regularly created as an open joint effort and made unreservedly accessible. There are two implications to the expression “web server”; one is the physical server that hosts applications, and the other is the software that conveys the web content to the end client or system. In this article, we address the 5 Best Open Source Web Servers.

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1. Apache

Apache was first propelled in 1995, and praised its twentieth birthday celebration in February 2015. It turned into the most utilized HTTP server, a title it held for just about 20 years. Apache still powers a sum of in excess of 374 million websites as of February 2017, and has the biggest piece of the overall industry of active websites, at 45.8 percent. While Apache httpd is frequently observed running on Linux, you can likewise use Apache on OS X and Windows. The web server itself utilizes a modular architecture, in which additional modules can be stacked to expand its highlights.


NGINX was created by Russian specialist Igor Syosev in 2002 because of the development in site movement and broadband also the subsequent need to oversee 10,000 synchronous connections. NGINX depends on a non-concurrent occasion driven design to help control its objective of taking care of enormous simultaneous sessions. It has turned into an extremely prevalent web server among the overseers because of its light asset usage and its capacity to scale effectively.


Tomcat is an open source usage of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language and Java WebSocket innovations that functions as a web server. The Apache Tomcat programming is produced in an open and participatory condition and launched under the Apache License version 2. Apache Tomcat programming powers various extensive scale, mission-basic web applications over a differing scope of businesses and associations.

4.Lighttpd Open Source Web Servers

The lightweight server is streamlined for elite speed-basic conditions and is preferably suited to servers with a high load. Jan Kneschke built up the server with an indistinguishable aspiration from that of NGINX originator Igor Syosev to take care of the c10k issue of dealing with 10,000 simultaneous connections on one server. Lighttpd separates itself with its low memory impression, little CPU load, and speed improvements


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript motor. Node.js utilizes an occasion driven, non-blocking I/O display that makes it lightweight and productive. Node.js bundle environment, npm, is the biggest ecosystem of open source libraries on the planet.

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