Top 5 Best Radio Application For Android Smartphones?

Radio is not as popular as it once was. Still a few of us listen to the radio as we drive or work out.Most smartphones are equipped with a built-in FM radio application and can only play FM stations locally.
There are many good online streaming radio apps available on the Play Store. Here’s our list of the best radio apps you can get for your Android device.

Best Radio Application For Android Smartphones:

1. iHeartRadio

This is one of the most popular radio apps that can stream a large number of radio stations. Podcasts are also available on iHeartRadio.
It allows listeners to create, save and replay different playlists. For any mood, any genre like rock, pop, and many more, you can find suggestions for radio stations.
It has paid versions as well ‘ Plus ‘ or ‘ All Access ‘ with additional benefits such as free skips, offline listening and downloadable playlists.

2. Tuneln Radio

Tuning Radio is another popular radio app that comes with a wide range of internet radio stations. You can listen to music of any kind (such as rock, pop, classical), news broadcasts, interviews, sports news, radio chats, audio books, etc..
You can access Audiobooks and ad-free music streaming in their paid versions.The app’s Car Mode feature changes the entire user interface to be used when driving.
You can also use this app Google Chromecast, Android Auto, and Android TV.

3. MyTunerRadio

MyTuneRadio app comes with the best and most user-friendly user interface from over 50,000 radio stations in over 200 countries.
For podcasts, internet radio, and as FM radio, you can use the myTunerRadio radio app. You can search musics based on country, genre, or city radio stations and play radio stations in the background, set up a sleep timer, alarm function to wake you up with your favorite radio station.
It’s really worth for a try.

4. Replaio

Replaio is an app with many music-only radio stations that are rich in features. The UI is simple and provides easy navigation. To search for your favorite music, you can enter the artist name, city, country, or genre.
The app provides over 30,000 radio stations worldwide, as well as a sleep timer, an alarm to wake you up with your favorite song.

5. Pandoraa

Pandora is one of the market’s best Android radio devices. For now, it only operates in the U.S. Pandora allows users to create their own stations and hear their favorite music based on your favorite artist, music genre or album.
Pandora also provides radio playlists. It offers a premium version to stream ad-free music and high-quality audio streaming.

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