Top 5 Best Sites To Test Internet Speed In 2020?

There may be a significant difference between your ISP’s claimed download speed and what you actually get during realistic use. An Internet speed test can give you a precise indication of how much bandwidth you currently have at your fingertips.
Test your bandwidth with one or more of these free internet speed test sites and compare it with the high-speed plan you have signed up for. Here, we list some of the best tools on your device to check internet speed.


Class Speedtest is the most popular platform for checking your broadband internet connection speed. It selects a nearby server (from 8000 servers worldwide) runs a full test and returns information such as download / upload speed, IP address, ping, etc.
SpeedTest tool provides native apps for all major platforms, letting the users to switch between single and multi-connections.
It will also recommend the nearest server for you based on your position, and users can also manually select a test server and run the test. Simply clicking the “Start Test” button gives users the speed-related information of your network., run by Netflix, launches a free speed test and includes information such as download / upload speeds, ping, IP address, etc. also calculates unloaded latency which is the latency when internet users on your LAN use it. It also shows the server location of your internet service provider(ISP).
This tests your download speed by checking the link between your computer and Netflix’s servers that are used to distribute Netflix content to their customers.
Therefore, the results you see on are likely to be quite close to the results you would get from your ISP with a speed test.

3.SpeedOf.Me is the most reliable and fastest speed testing  tool that is used to get the most accurate online bandwidth test. The graph provides speeds in real time, and users can also check your results against previous tests.
SpeedOf. Me uses 100 + servers around the world to check the Internet speed and works using HTML5, which is incorporated into your browser, rather than choosing a location.
The lightweight tool is designed to replicate real-world browsing and download conditions by requesting a set of files with growing sizes and tracking the speed they are downloaded to.

4.Xfinity Speed Test

The Xfinity speed test tool has a user interface that is user friendly and displays detailed information such as IP address, upload / download speed, ping, server location, etc.
It also offers information on how the Internet speed is measured and tips for improving your online experience by recommending whether the user supports 4 K or HD streaming, fast downloads.

5.Bandwidth Place Speed Test

Bandwidth Place that works via HTML5 is just another Internet speed test option with around 20 servers worldwide. To see how fast your download and upload speeds are running, you can easily access the connection to the internet from any device.
The user has choices for several different servers, or simply can use the platform with the lowest ping available.

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