In this article we will list out the best Skype alternatives for PC/Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Skype is the most prevalent application available for making video calls, mobile calls, and sending instant texts and SMS.
Skype figured out how to build itself an enormous after even before it was purchased by Microsoft in 2011, and the client base has kept on developing from that point onward.
Presently, numerous applications offer features like Skype and give a superior caller experience. A significant number of them are utilized for interfacing with loved ones while others are utilized for business purposes.

Best Skype Alternatives

1.Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is offered in Gmail, you can utilize it for text, voice, and video chats. With regards to making group calls, Google Hangouts is the champ. It gives you a chance to make group calls up to 10 individuals on the double.
In spite of the fact that you will in any case need to utilize the web client when you’re utilizing your PC or Mac machine, it is promptly accessible for Android and iOS in application shape.

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Tox is an open-source tool made by individuals tired of the current alternatives that keep an eye on us, track us, control us, and shield us from enhancing.
Tox is totally free and doesn’t highlight any ads. Secure chats, voice calls, and video calls imply that no one can keep an eye on you. You can even share your screen and exchange files without any breaking points.

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Viber is one of the most established Skype alternatives, despite everything it works quite well. Notwithstanding chat and voice calls, you can likewise share pictures, and audio and video files.
Viber enables clients to call and send messages utilizing 3G or Wi-Fi network. On the off chance that you will pay, you can utilize Viber Out to make calls to any telephone number in the world– and this can even be utilized from the PC.

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WhatsApp is outstanding amongst other web based instant messaging applications out there, it has established its position as a commendable Skype elective even before Facebook managed to acquire it for quite a hefty sum.
It has every one of the highlights you could need, including the capacity to effectively share videos, photos and other attachments, and set up groups of up to 256 people.

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Accessible for each platform you could seek after, ooVoo offers free video chats between up to 12 individuals at once. With various working frameworks offering help for this application, there is no big surprise why it has figured out how to gather around 150 million downloads.
It is likewise conceivable to call somebody regardless of whether they are not utilizing of as non-clients can answer calls on Facebook.

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