Top 5 Best Tumblr Alternatives In 2019

From social networking services, to instant messaging applications, to video sharing sites, there are various methods by which data can be imparted online to other people. Tumblr is outstanding amongst other blogging platforms to compose, share content, clients can make a free blog on tumblr with the tumblr subdomain as addition.

You can utilize Tumblr to share any type of media including photos, GIFs, video recordings and even web blogs on the platform. In any case, as of late Tumblr set a few confinements on what sort of content is worthy on the platform.

In this article, we will take a gander at a portion of the Tumblr options that are basically used to share creative content.

Best Tumblr Alternatives 2019?


WordPress is an absolute necessity have on this rundown of Tumblr choices, around 70 percent of the sites on the web is on WordPress.

It even has its very own bill of rights, for example, to run any program for any reason, to think about how a program function and change it as you wish, to redistribute said program and redistribute both unique and altered versions of any program on its stage.

The platform offers incalculable modules and topics for all kinds of functionalities. The main issue with WordPress is that individuals can’t haphazardly discover your blog by the thousands like they can with Tumblr utilising hashtags.


Blogger is one of the most effortless blogging platforms out there. It is a free blogging platforms possessed by Google.

Like tumblr, you can likewise make up to 100 web blogs on it. While there are restrictions to the amount you can utilize a free account, you generally have the alternative of moving up to a premium membership to gain admittance to boundless sites.

Blogger offers a simple and brisk approach to begin a blog for non-technically knowledgeable web clients who are simply searching for a space to show their items in the Global Internet advertise.


Mastodon was propelled to contend with Twitter. It enables anybody to have their very own server on the system called Instances.

Each instances with its very own standards and administrators, which makes up an “organization”, a methodology that ensures the trustworthiness of the platform, from the day the servers are decentralized.

With the administration being open-source, you can anticipate countless clients. One of the most significant components that clients think about when pursuing a blogging site is the client base.


Posthaven has built a notoriety that it will be around forever. Its possess words implies, an administration that expects to keep going forever. The administration isn’t free in the event that you need to secure your posts.

With up to ten online blogs being offered for an exceptionally little one-time charge, it appears as though a deal considering your right to speak freely will never be removed.

Different highlights incorporate email notifications of blog activity, password-protected blogs, and posts having media contents.


Ghost is an ongoing endeavor out of a Kickstarter funding effort and as of now is an open source blogging platform. It depends on the Node.js run time environment, which makes it very quick and responsive.

This platform appears to truly remain on how quick and simple their dashboard is to utilize and how responsive it is contrasted with different platform.

Ghost comes in two variations. First is for self-hosting whose month to month membership is between $5-$10. Second is the web-server subscription which expenses at $19 every month.

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