Don’t know how to restore iCloud backup record to your new iPhone and set up a new device? This article offers two effective ways to help you restore the iCloud backup to iPhone with easy tricks. Read to find the answer now. If you are facing the problem of iphone contacts missing then you can get help with the reading of this article.

This discussion mostly says real methods to assistance restore iCloud backups to iPhone without losing any records. This wills assistance new iPhone operators to set up new with old iOS record through iCloud backups. Hereunder you’ll discover two main techniques to reinstate iCloud backups to new iPhone: extract or restore the iCloud backup to iPhone manually or restore all iCloud backups and import to iPhone 7 with iOS data recovery software.

You may either select one way to surface iOS data moving job amongst your old device and new iPhone. Let’s see how to respectively restore the iCloud backup to iPhone by following two dissimilar methods now.

Method1. Physically extract/restore the iCloud backup to iPhone

If you select a permitted admission to restore or extract iCloud backup data to arrangement new iPhone, you may just follow understages to physically restore iCloud backups to iPhone with consciousness.

  1. Start your iPhone.
    2. In the Setup Assistant, continue to “Set up your phone“, tap Restore from a Backup, and then sign in to iCloud.
    3. Keep to “Choose backup“, then select from a list of obtainable backups in iCloud.


After these ladders, you may stab to check your new iPhone and understand is all backups are all reinstated. If some records are misplaced during the iCloud restoring procedure or you prefer a safer method, you may need iOS data retrieval software for assistance.

Method 2. Restore all iCloud backups to iPhone with iOS data recovery software

If the method doesn’t help you, then I will suggest you try this one. I know this is a third-party app. But you can trust this, as I have tested it, I cannot take guarantee their legitimacy.

Expert iOS data recovery software – EaseUSMobiSaverropes to completely restore all iCloud holdups in iOS 10/9.3.5/9.3.3/9.3.2/9.3/9.2 And all the other versions. And the best part is that you can do this all within only 3 stages.

Anybody iOS operators can all straight spears this software to transfer iOS data or restore backups or backup iOS data. So, simply what you have to do is that you just have to Follow below stages. And this will help you to recover your data.

Step1. Download EaseUSMobiSaver on your computer

Launches EaseUSMobiSaver on your computer. Connect iPhone Via cable and follow the next steps precisely.

Here, You need to choose recovery mode: “Recover from iCloud Backup” and sign in iCloud.

Step2. Test the iCloud to discover all the records.

Choice your iCloud backup file and wait uncomplainingly until the app finds & show all your records after over skimming the iCloud.

Step3. Showing and found data from iCloud to computer

Click the precise file type on the left side to preview all the records one by one.

Spot the files that you want and click “Recover” button to get all of them back once.

Stipulate a binder on the processor to save all the statistics to your computer.

I hope that it will help you to recover your precious data. If you need more assistance then you can put a comment below.

I will try my best to help you. Well, There is a better option than, you can simply go to the iPhone service center. The engineer will help you for sure. As Apple guarantees you the best service that’s why people love iPhones.

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