Top Best Ways To Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage?

Today, particularly when using video streaming services and other social media such as Facebook and Instagram, it has become difficult to minimize data usage on your mobile device.

Android provides a number of methods to limit the use of data and keep an eye on it. Here we mention a few tricks you can use to save on your data use.

Best Ways To Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage:

#1Set A Limit To Your Data Usage:

Users can avoid the excessive use of data by setting a limit on it. The built-in Android tool allows you to set data limit warnings for your mobile data by: navigate to Settings >> Network & Internet >> Use data >> Billing cycle. You can then click on’ Set data alert’ or’ Set mobile data cap’ to set your value You can also allow fewer data usage by enabling the Data saver option

#2Disable Auto Sync Option:

You can disable auto synchronization of certain applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, email that you do not regularly use to minimize data usage. By disabling, background data use of such apps can be decreased.

Background data is data used when the device is running in the background and is not currently active. You can go to Settings >> Data Usage to find the use of each application’s foreground and background data and turn off automatic updates.

Tap on ‘Limit App background data’ to limit the background data of the unused app, so that the app will only access data when it is opened.

#3Enable Update apps over Wi-Fi only Option:

It is a better option to limit automatic device updates to ‘ Auto-update devices over Wi-Fi only ‘ in the Play Store to can the use of mobile data. You can do so by tapping Menu >>Settings >> Auto-update apps >> select ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only’

#4Use Navigation Maps Offline:

Navigation apps can consume more data Thus, it is best to download the google map before beginning your journey. You can save Google Maps to your local drive by clicking More info and then download it.

#5Avoid The Use of Data Tethering:

When you use it for a long time, mobile tethering or Mobile Hot-spot for web surfing consumes huge amounts of data. Therefore, it is better to use Mobile tethering or Mobile Hot-spot only if necessary.

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