Best Web Browsers

It seems as though every mobile web browser claims that it’s the biggest, fastest, and best web browsers available. This, of course, can be confusing to the average smartphone user.

Sometimes, the one already installed on Android or iOS devices are more than adequate, but then, sometimes not. Here are three of the best mobile web browsers.

Safari – Best Web Browsers

The default web browser for iOS devices. The disadvantage is that it’s specific to iOS, and so it’s unavailable for Android users or any other device that doesn’t offer iOS support.

It does offer some great features, however. Loading with Safari is exceptional, as is its zooming in and out feature, which makes for a user-friendly browser experience. It also offers a wonderful visual display when watching videos on the likes of YouTube, thanks to the impressive page and video display features.

Best Web Browsers
“Apple iPhone 6” (CC BY 2.0) by Janitors

Retina display makes HD browsing possible, so both images and text never fail to appear clear and crisp. Its visual display is particularly helpful not just for video, but also gaming.

It’s impressive when playing mobile sports games from such developers as Electronic Arts, for example, which provides numerous popular titles like Madden Mobile and NBA Live Mobile.

It’s also great for websites that emphasize graphics as much as they do playability, such as Mr. Casino, which offers loads of online live roulette casino games, including lightning roulette and three card poker.

Chrome – Best Web Browsers

Google’s Chrome browser is standard on a large range of Android phones, so it may not be necessary for smartphone owners to download it. Its features may not be limited to Chrome, but there are endless benefits that come with it.

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You can download videos and pages for offline viewing, translate pages, auto complete forms, save passwords, and sync across multiple devices. It also includes a data saver option, private browsing, and features unlimited browsing tabs, and for Android users, deeper integration.

Best Web Browsers

It also offers the latest Android features before any other browser. There isn’t much not to like about Chrome.


The Firefox browser is recommendable and solid. Like its rivals, it boasts numerous features, which make it an attractive browser, such as Chromecast support, quick sharing, privacy, and syncing with desktops.

Firefox Sync allows you to sync your passwords, tabs, history, and bookmarks between your mobile browser and your computer browser.

It also includes add-ons, which enable you to select which other features you would like, including password managers and ad-blockers.

If privacy is particularly important to you, you may want to look at Firefox Focus. Firefox is a great choice for those that are used to using Firefox on a desktop or laptop computer and want similar customizations, along with overall familiarity.

Most smartphone users don’t realize how one browser can affect their surfing experience over another, so it may be worth experimenting with the above.

There are countless other browsers to choose from for surfing the web, such as Brave and UC browser, but you shouldn’t need to dig that deep. After all: we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

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