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Business Ideas with Cloud computing can bring big changes for any businesses with any size. From tech startups in the heart of Silicon Valley to established organizations, those changes have been realized and experienced by many of them.

According to Intuit study, 37 percent of U.S. small Business Ideas have successfully migrated to the cloud, and the rate is likely to reach 80% by 2020. The cloud is truly redefining the way we operate businesses as they have become cyber proof. Many businesses are using the cloud in an innovative yet exciting way that sets them perfect examples of cloud making businesses.


Whether you use user-uploaded images, static images, or you display profile pictures uploaded onto social networks, you would manipulate them to adjust them according to the graphic design of your mobile application or website.

Designers, with Cloudinary Business Ideas, can transform the images to any desired format, style, dimension, and can optimize images to have the desired file size to deliver great user experience and for saving bandwidth.

This is done by implementing robust image transformation and deliver URLs to access the images to better Business Ideas. Moreover, you get the facility to change the required transformations at any point in time, and the transformed images will be developed on-demand and sent to the users through a CDN with optimized caching.

You can mention the required height and width, specify the way to crop the image, and choose the image format that meets your needs. Cloudinary Business Ideas model face detection based cropping technique focuses on the relevant part of user-uploaded photos.

For complicated changes, you can utilize the Management Console or Admin API that allows you to define named changes and even operate a set of chained changes on your images. Moreover, Business Ideas Management Console enables you to check delivery usage reports and optimization insights.


It is a geomagnetic indoor positioning technology that offers a leveraging cloud Business Ideas platform to most developers across the globe. With the help of geomagnetic fields, inertial sensor data, camera data, barometric data or other sensory data received by a smartphone or tablet, Indoor positioning systems can easily locate people or objects inside a building.

The market offers different types of indoor positioning systems with different functionalities. Based on a Platform-as-a-Service cloud Business Ideas, IndoorAtlas operates its positioning in its full-stack hybrid technology to find a right area inside a building.

GunDetect Business Ideas

You would probably feel less worried if you get a camera that could track the scenes in your office and home and continuously update you if someone enters your place with a gun. GunDetect is a cloud-based smart camera that analyzes images and sends text messages to owners if anyone comes under its view with a gun. Being a conventional gun detector system, GunDetect’s developers ensure 90% accuracy with a price range of $350.

According to a nanoWatt’s Kickstarter page, GunDetect is based on computer-vision processing that automatically tracks a firearm and informs you through a text message. It can be used to secure your gun from the illegitimate use or to notify you about a gun’s presence during an attack on your home or business.

Its designing compliments [sic] gun security. Throughout your use, GunDetect remains in your ( consumer) control. All the information stays with you, and your decision will decide your response.

Relocality Business Ideas

Another Business Ideas Relocality launched in 2013, is an advanced online matchmaker used for locating a home, and now has brought its service to Europe. With an aim to helping house hunters decide the right place to live, the service uses Facebook data to compare house hunters with neighborhoods to find the best area that goes with their personality, interests, and lifestyle.

Being a social, user-centric product, it is a reliable resource for connection, information, and collaboration across the consumer real estate search lifecycle. Relocality is based on big data, cloud, and predictive analytics and according to recent studies, services that use Facebook data to conclude personality-based traits and matches, are mostly accurate.


Cloud is everywhere whether it be safer transactions, analyzing success rate, predicting customers’ behavior, strong backups to retrieve data to ensure security using better Business Ideas. This technology has improved and accelerated the regular work processes and organizations are expecting more in the future, that’s why taking an AWS training to make the most of it.

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