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Google Photos

Google Photos Roll-Out Express Backup Feature for Android

Google is at last taking off Express backup in Google Photos to all the Android clients in India. This new component was in the...

Google Translate Feature Now on Gboard for iOS Users

Google has included the Translate feature on its third-party keyboard Gboard for iOS clients. In this way, on...
Android Q

How to Install the Android Q Beta on a Google Pixel?

Android Q beta is presently authoritatively out and here's the manner by which Pixel phone clients can set it up on their phone to...

Google Is Using Wi-Fi to Track Where You Live, Work & Your Secret Interests:...

Google track you on the web and gather, however much information as could reasonably be expected is a fundamental shrewdness.
Google Chrome

Google Chrome to Block Automatic Downloads Initiated from ad Frames Slot

There are hostile to malware programs that will recognise the dangers, obviously, and OS X presently has some clever tools worked in...
Android Messages

Google Assistant is Coming to Android Messages Soon

On Feburary 25th google has declared over the coming months, Google is going to take off Google Assistant integration into Android Messages....
Timeline feature

Microsoft’s New Chrome Timeline feature Lets You Resume Browsing Across Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft has followed through on its plans convey the Windows 10 Timeline feature to Google Chrome. Windows...
Google Maps

Google Maps New Feature to Automatically Delete Location History

Google Maps monitors your location for expanded accommodation, as you can simply examine your history to effectively explore to a destination.
Scroll to Text

Chrome Feature ‘Scroll to Text’ will Soon Let You Share Link to Specific Word...

Google Chrome is testing another element called Scroll to Text that will empower clients to share a link to a word or...
Google Docs

Top 5 Best Alternatives To Google Docs In 2019

Google Docs is the most reliable and feature-rich documents editing application. Google Docs allows multiple users to share, edit, import, export and...

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