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Virus Hoax

What Are Virus Hoax & How do they Work?

A virus hoax is a bogus cautioning about a PC virus, worm, and Trojan pony attacks. It will be an email that gives a...

How Does a WAF Work & What Attacks Does It Prevent?

A WAF or Web Application Firewall analyses web traffic to recognise any suspicious movement which can then naturally sift through illegitimate traffic...

Vulnerabilities In 4G, 5G Network Allow Attackers to Intercept Calls And Track Phone Locations

A group of academics has discovered three new security flaws in 4G and 5G, which they state can be utilised to track...
WhatsApp Gold

Beware Of WhatsApp Gold Update, As Its A Scam

Facebook owned Whatsapp, the most prevalent messaging application, is currently powerless against numerous scams or attacks. There's another scam message spreading on...
Hacking Tools

Top Best Hacking Tools Of 2019 For Windows, Linux, And OS X

Hacking tool that is being developed by hacker are already out for 2019 and in this article we are going to list...
Cyber Threats

How To Check If Your Smartphone Are Safe From Cyber Threats?

The scene of Cyber Threats is always showing signs of change and developing as hackers search out better approaches to profit.
Security Camera

Hacker Talks to Arizona Man Directly Through His IoT Security Camera

It might sound a touch of aggravating or frightening, an Arizona specialist Andy Gregg was stunned when a voice began broadcasting from his Nest...
PlayStation Classic

Sony PlayStation Classic Has Already Been Hacked To Run Games Off A USB Drive

A week ago, Sony launched PlayStation Classic with 20 officially preinstalled games, which incorporates games, for example, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy...

Malware Spread Through Spam In 2018 : F-Secure

Worldwide cybersecurity firm F-Secure on Tuesday said spam rose as the most well-known strategy for cybercriminals to spread malware in 2018, representing...

Don’t Fall For Fake iPhone X Scam Message That Is Going Viral In WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the prominent instant messaging platform has more than 200 million clients in India, and it is likewise a standout amongst the most favored...

Recent Posts

How to Run Fuchsia in Android Studio?

How to Run Fuchsia in Android Studio?

Google has been chipping away at an open source operating system called Fuchsia for quite a long time, which would supplant the Linux-controlled Android...
How to Stop WhatsApp from Eating Your Storage?

How to Stop WhatsApp from Eating Your Storage?

There is no denying that WhatsApp is a standout amongst the most commonly utilized applications for smartphone clients today. Text messages as...
Harassment and Discrimination

Google Have Changed “How Employees Can Report Harassment & Discrimination”

Google is following through on the guarantees it made a year ago after Google workers at the organization's workplaces over the globe arranged a...
Apex Legends

How To Download Apex Legends For Free On PC?

Apex Legends have been a recently launched and free two-play fight Royale game that is created by Respawn Entertainment and distributed by Electronic Arts...
Dark Mode

How To Enable Dark Mode On Your Android And iOS?

Dark mode is a component that gives you a chance to switch the color theme of an application, too dark or something...
Google Storage

How To Get More That 15GB Space in Your Google Storage?

Google Drive is a cloud storage service associated legitimately to your Google account. Everybody gets 15GB of extra Google storage free with...

How To Stop Google Location Tracking?

The Google support page for dealing with your Location History says that once you turn it off, "the places you go are...
Terraria Server

What is Terraria Server & How to Install?

A Terraria server is a platform to connect over the internet / other network directly or through a private network for multiplayer...
USB Device Not Recognised

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognised Error in Windows?

It could be super frustrating when you get an error message saying USB device not recognised The last USB device you connected...

How to Protect Your Privacy and Stay Secure on Instagram?

Instagram is an incredible platform for taking and sharing pictures with your loved ones, but as with other similar apps, it also...