Friday, December 4, 2020

How to Install Kodi On Windows, Mac and Android?

Kodi is a standout amongst the most well known media centre managers around and earlier, it was called as XBMC Player.
block ads

How to block Annoying ads on your Android Phones

One of the longest running and still exceptionally viable techniques is to utilize an application whose sole reason for existing is to piece ads. Both...

How To Hide Photos/Folders Without Any Third Party Android Application

Hiding your personal picture files from your smartphone gallery is something critical. Frequently you end up installing a third party app to carry out...
Paytm Payments Bank To Deliver Cash at Home To Support Senior Citizens

Paytm Payments Bank To Deliver Cash at Home To Support Senior Citizens

Paytm Payments Bank Limited (PPB) said on May 15 that it will provide cash at home to help senior citizens in Delhi NCR. They...
WhatsApp Web iPhone

How To Use WhatsApp Web With iPhone

WhatsApp Web was first launched by the organization back in January 2015, in any case, the usefulness wasn't accessible to iPhone clients up to...
Hide Photos

How to Hide your Private Photos From Android Gallery

Do you want to hide photos from Android gallery? yes, it is possible here is the cool trick. The Android operating system based on...
Compress Images

How to Compress Images Online without Losing Quality

At the point when a picture size is more, it might have a good pixels, and that implies putting away all data for a...
Confidential Mode

What Is Gmail’s Confidential Mode And How To Send Self-Destructing Emails ?

Gmail on the web have received a big update with a new design and feature. Users are more about a new feature in gmail...
How To Stop Your Emails From Being Tracked?

How To Stop Your Emails From Being Tracked?

In this article we share you the steps on the best way to keep emails from tracked, for example, when you opened the email...
Ransomware attack

How To Prevent Your Android Device from Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attack has been threatening the universe of PCs for over 10 years now and has made a slow move to handheld gadgets as...