Wednesday, August 12, 2020
iPhone X

Now you can Turn Your Phone into iphone X

Apple iPhone X smartphone was propelled in September 2017, which is all screen telephone with Glass and stainless take curved edges. Its best center screen...

Best Two Ways to Restore iCloud Backup to iPhone without Losing Data

Don’t know how to restore iCloud backup record to your new iPhone and set up a new device? This article offers two effective ways...
WhatsApp Group

iPhone Users Get New Button For WhatsApp Group

Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatApp is getting new highlights thick and fast. WhatsApp has pushed out another update for its iPhone application and...

What Is Trustjacking And How To Works In iOS

An iPhone client's most noticeably awful bad dream is to have somebody gain diligent control over his/her IOS device, including the capacity to record...
Monitoring Your Kids

Legally Monitoring Your Kids Android/iOS Phone Activities Without Rooting and Jailbreaking

Current mobile usage is dramatically increasing especially kids are spending most of the time on mobile phones that addicts them and leads to many...
Conference Calls

How to Perform Conference Calls in iPhone?

Making a conference calls in iPhone is simple since you should simply influence a call and afterward to merge them.
Tattoo Designs

How to Try Tattoo Designs Before Having Them Inked Permanently

Tattoos keep going forever in light of the fact that the human body supposes it is under attack when somebody draws on it. In...
Increase Your Followers on Instagram

How To Increase Your Followers on Instagram

As we have mentioned in our previous article, Facebook owned Instagram is one of the greatest social media platforms with the range of 800...
iTunes 12.8.1

Still Running OS X Yosemite? Beware, iTunes 12.8.1 Freezing Safari

Apple this week released iTunes 12.8.1 for OS X Yosemite up to max High Sierra. Be that as it may, iTunes clients...
iOS 12 AutoFill

Apple New Security Code iOS 12 AutoFill Exposes Users to Bank Fraud says Researcher’s

Researcher's says Apple's New Security Code iOS 12 AutoFill Exposes Users to Bank Fraud. Security master raises worries over new iOS 12 AutoFill highlight...