Cell Phone Tracker

Keeping track of a child’s activities on a smartphone is probably one of the most important responsibilities that a modern day parent deals with.

While it is important to be aware of what your child is doing on the cell phone, you should not be a nosey dad/mom and keep checking on them every minute, making them feel untrusted.

Here is some good news to all your frustrated people out there, because now, there are applications that you can install on the target smartphone that help you to monitor the child’s activities. One of those useful applications is called as a Cell Phone Tracker.

In this article, we will learn more about how you can control your children with the help of a phone message tracker snoopza app.

How does this application help?

A phone message tracker application, otherwise known as a keylogger application easily helps you control and manage your phone when it’s in the hands of your kid. This message tracker or the keylogger app simply tracks the keyboard and generates a log file of the keystrokes that are registered.

This is a Win-Win situation for both you and your child because you are easily able to read all the messages and other activities that your child is doing on the phone, all the while the child has no idea that they’re being monitored.

In addition to this, the message tracker apps offer a lot more parental control free features, which are discussed below.

Features offered by Cell Phone Tracker apps

Call tracking

Any good message tracking application allows for call tracking, meaning that you can see how many calls are incoming or outgoing, and how many missed calls have been registered on the target smartphone. This gives you an idea of the activity that your child might be involved with on that phone.

Call recording

In addition to tracking the number of calls incoming and outgoing, you can also record the audio of any call or even a voice message using the cell phone tracker application, should you choose to do so.

Spy on cell phone

You can track all the applications, activities, and other services that were running on the phone without alerting the user first, which in this case, happens to be your kid.

Manage SMS services

You can also keep a track of the text messages as well as MMS conversations that involve the device of your interest.

Spy on their Facebook

As creepy as it might sound, you can track the user’s Facebook uploads, such as audio and video files without bringing attention to yourself.

Spy on WhatsApp

Being one of the trending messaging applications in our country, WhatsApp has been a legendary pain in the necks of concerned mums and dads (it probably includes you too!). This is a great feature which is provided by the apps which allow you to track all the WhatsApp activities and sessions.

Manage screenshots

Amazingly, you can also access the screenshots that are saved in that Android phone! This is really handy, in case your kid has learned how to take them and is (presumably) using them in all the wrong places.

Check their contacts

You can also check the old and new contacts that are present on the phone, including the ones on-device storage and also those which synced to Google Cloud services.

Snapchat spy

Just like other social media management services given by these apps, Snapchat is one of the apps on which you can have total control. You can discreetly monitor your child’s Snapchat activities using these apps.

Track internet history

With the help of these tracker applications, you can view the Internet browsing history of the device that you’re currently monitoring.

Detect if the SIM card is replaced

One of the coolest features that you will be able to do with a cell phone tracker application is that, if the user changes the SIM card on the device without your knowledge, you will get to know it immediately.

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