How To Check CPU Temperature And Fix It?

Here, we are mostly discussing about two ways on how to check the CPU temperature. One is by using BIOS and another by installing any of the CPU temperature monitor application.


  • To Check Temperature Using BIOS.
  • The BIOS interface has a built-in hardware monitor in it.You can access the BIOS when the computer first boots up.
  • Open the Power menu and hold the Shift key while you click Restart in Windows 8.
  • You can open the motherboard settings (UEFI) in the Troubleshooting menu using this method.
  • Press the BIOS key (F2, F10, and Del) depending upon the hardware manufacturer


To Check Temperature Using Monitor Application.

There are various Monitor applications available. Few of them are listed below:

Core Temp : This is the most popular app to check the temperature. It is a simple, lightweight app that includes more add-ons to improve its functionality.It will display a lot of information like the CPU model, speed and temperature.

HWMonitor : A free tool to monitor CPU temperature.It provides detailed information including a table of temperatures, fan speeds, and much more regarding CPU and GPU as well.

SpeedFan : This application helps to control the speed of the cooling fan on your machine.It also displays the CPU temperature and other information as like other monitoring tools.You can hover the mouse on the icon in the notification ares to know the CPU temperature.

You can also fix the CPU over heating by cleaning the blocked heat sink and removing the internal dust. It is necessary to maintain a good airflow around your PC to prevent overheating.

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