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Chinese progressed persistent threat (APT) hacker groups that have purportedly been making digital ruin universally will move their concentration in 2018 to nations like India and Hong Kong and hacker groups seen as a risk to Beijing’s impact over worldwide markets, venture cyber security organization FireEye said. Hacker groups backed by nation-states are termed as APTs.

“For Indian enterprises, one of the most important security questions is, do you know who is targeting you and how they operate? The threat landscape looks very different depending on the nature of your business, the data you hold, your relationships, and more,” Shrikant Shitole, Senior Director and Country Head for India at FireEye

For the government and private division alike, the FireEye official stated, it’s imperative we shore up defence to stay away from a circumstance like Russia’s interfering in the current US presidential decision.

“Organizations cannot effectively measure their security by compliance standards or vis a vis their peers. They must measure it against their adversaries. Can they detect and defend the attacks their adversaries are likely to employ? Most firms are not as secure as they would like to believe,” Shrikant Shitole added.

In the Asia-Pacific region, FireEye stated, China and neighboring nations are as yet proceeding with political disputes, particularly with India, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian nations.

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“The threat actor activity which facilitates these operations often takes place well before election day, and as we saw in the US, targets can be very diverse. The unfortunate reality today is this is threat with which all democracies must contend,” Shrikant Shitole noted.

As indicated by FireEye, it watched an expansion in non-Chinese and non-Russian APT gatherings in 2017 and hope to find more in 2018.

“Therefore, unorganized Hacker Groups ‘hacktivism’ attacks as a response to these political tensions within and against these countries is expected to continue and possibly rise throughout the new year,” the company warned.

Ransomware is relied upon to ascend in 2018, particularly as administrators are slow to patch and update their systems. Other well known methods that will keep on being utilized as a part of 2018 are strategic web compromises and spear phishing, especially in targeted attacks. We additionally hope to see numerous more dangerous worms and wipers, the cybersecurity firm noted. Nonetheless, appropriation of Cloud innovation in the majority of businesses will increment in 2018.

“Recently we did a report on APT33, a threat group out of Iran. They’re primarily targeting the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Israel. Those nations tend to pop up on Iran’s radar when it comes to targeting. It’s game on for them,” Kevin Mandia, CEO, FireEye, said in a statement.

In the mean time, as cryptocurrency keeps on soaring in value and popularity, malware targeting anonymous currencies such as bitcoin has increase in 2018.

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