Google Chrome New Update To Increase Battery Life Of PCs

Although Google Chrome is probably the most popular web browser on all platforms, it is often criticized on laptops particularly with dozens of tabs open for its battery hogging habit.
But now, Google is trying to address this with a new Chrome 86 update that will minimize energy usage by destroying unwanted JavaScript timers and trackers in the background while a tab is in place.
At intervals, the Java timers shoot off to search for things like scrolling the screen, monitoring advertisements, writing to log files etc. While these may be important for web pages you are currently reading, for most of the pages that are opened in tabs other than the current one, they do not make much sense.
In a test case, Chrome’s laptop with 36 tabs open and Javascript ‘s experimental setting on lasted almost two hours longer on a charge than the same laptop turned off with that setting.
Google also performed another study, with a similar number of overall tabs but the foreground one playing YouTube, and found the new behavior still increased battery life by about 35 minutes.
It also shows that a company policy would allow system administrators to disable this feature in Google Chrome because it won’t cause any trouble for the Chrome business browser until this feature is rolled out.
The search giant is currently testing the experimental feature behind a flag in Chrome 86, which is supposed to extend to Google Chrome running on Windows , Mac , Linux, iOS, which Chrome OS. However, there is no indication when the feature will be rolled out for users.
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