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Google Chrome is testing another element called Scroll to Text that will empower clients to share a link to a word or phrase on a page effectively, particularly on a smartphone.

In this way, envision you are sharing a link to a website page. There is one explicit sentence or passage that you need your companion to peruse. The page does not have any anchor links. So, this is where Scroll to Text feature will be useful.

As of now, the project is accessible on GitHub and is being imported to Chrome.

When referencing a specific section of a web page, for example as part of sharing that content via email or on social media, it is desirable to be able to link directly to the specific section. If a section is not linkable by a named anchor or element with id, it is not currently possible to share a link directly to a specific section.” Mentioned in the GitHub Page.

According to the report, the component is in a beginning time of development, so there is no news when it will be included in the Stable part of Chrome.

There is additionally a plausibility of not actualising this technique as it can break a few sites that utilise the ‘anchor’ to store information.

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