Classic Facebook To Be Stopped Completely From September

In September, Facebook will discontinue its classic template making it mandatory for all to use the latest interface that began rolling out this year since it was unveiled in 2019.
A Facebook help page was updated asking us to get the latest version soon. While on Facebook ‘s website you the briefly turn back to the old version, the button warns that “the classic Facebook will no longer be available from September on.”
The updated began rolling out to users in May, bringing substantial changes to the Interface into the table. Facebook is making a major change from its predominantly blue-colored gui for the first time.
The new interface features are noted, including a more appealing design, larger text, fast loading and a dark mode that can be allowed in the settings menu. The new user interface for social media was first formally introduced last spring at the F8 2019 annual conference.
It should be noted that the new design strongly resembles the Facebook mobile application interface, where there was room for a simple navigation bar that provides quick access to different sections of the platform.
So if you’re a fan of classic design, you may want to start getting used to the new one because, according to the company, this September, the classic Facebook design will permanently go away. It means users will no longer be given the choice of whether to use the old or new interface or not, and will be forced to use the new UI.
Separately, Facebook has revealed several major updates for users of Oculus computers. The latest update states you will have the option to sign in to Facebook and combine your Oculus and Facebook profiles, whether you are an registered Facebook user and already have an Oculus account.
But if you’re an current user and chose not to merge your accounts, you can use your Oculus account for two years to start.
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