Commander One

Commander One is a great tool that combines multiple services under a dual-pane, which enables to manage your files easily.
It integrates FTP client for Mac and Amazon S3 browser and a built-in Mac Terminal emulator which helps you in managing the system process efficiently.
The tool lets you work with an unlimited number of tabs, and it provides handy options to categorize the files based on name, extension, size, and kind. It was written in Swift programming language.
Swift is the natural programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and beyond. Apps developed in with Swift language are safe by design and light-weighted.
The Commander One supports for any the files, and it gives users an ability to hotkey combos to perform the tasks in lightning fast.
It is an all-in-one solution with fully packed features; it gives you a Granular control over the documents. The tool displays a handy toolbar, where you can toggle to enable hidden files, fonts and the Brief mode which let you manage multiple files and folders.
Commander One maps all the computers connected over the network, and it contains Built-in file viewer which reads Hex and Binary files along with text, media, image, HTML formats.Commander One
The tool allows you to drag and drop the files and folders. Also, you can rename the files and folders while moving them between directories. You can queue files as per your convenience and rest assured, it transfers your file in the fastest way.
You can search for any types of files or the folders, even if the file in a compressed state. The tools contain in-built Spotlight search that search by contents, so with the advanced search engine you can locate any file, words and text encoding.
Commander One
Its built-in manager allows connecting your remote servers through FTP, SFTP or FTPS protocols. While connecting with FTP servers speed is the key thing, if the client process the files slowly it will take hours to complete the upload the process.
Commander One
With Commander One that is not the case, it contains a neatly designed interface, and it will handle the files with more efficiency and speed.
Another noticeable feature is the plug-in support, which is yet come, once the feature is live you can design the Plug-in based on the requirement, and you can make the tool handier.
You may feel bored with many FTP clients, seeing the same white screen, but that is not the case with Commander One, it allows you to personalized up with endless color options.
With the free pack, you can get the PRO pack features for 15 days to test. Here are the fantastic features.

  • FTP manager
  • Mount iOS devices
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon S3
  • Mount Android and MTP devices
  • Google Drive
  • WebDAV support
  • compress and extract
  • OneDrive
  • Terminal emulator
  • Themes

The free pack is available to be downloaded from here, and you can upgrade to pro for just $29.99. To install the application, you should have at least macOS 10.10 and later, should have free space of at least 19.75MB.

Final words

Commander One available in 13 different languages, it is a must-have utility to manage the contents of the device effectively, and even you can map your cloud accounts like local storage.


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