Conference Calls

Making a conference calls in iPhone is simple since you should simply influence a call and afterward to merge them.

The iPhone gives you a chance to merge up to five calls at an opportunity to transform them into a conference calls. Additionally, other individual does not need an iPhone for taking an interest in a conference call.

How to Perform Conference Calls?

Just follow the below steps in order to place a conference call on iPhone.

  • First you need make a call from your contact list or keypad enter the number of the person and then click on a call button.
  • So when you are on a call, on the call screen you will have six option(Keypad, add call, speaker, mute, contacts, and FaceTime).
  • From the six option you have to select Add Call Button. Where you will have the option to like first to type the number or select from the contacts.
  • Now the person who is on call will be out on hold, once the other call gets connected you will have the option of Merging Calls.
  • So now the person who was on hold will be connected and you will again have the option to Add Calls.

On the off chance that there is something critical to talk about, you can undoubtedly utilize the iPhone conference call and take the opinion from your kindred associates or companions.

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