Confidential Mode

Gmail on the web have received a big update with a new design and feature. Users are more about a new feature in gmail called as the Confidential Mode, which is an easy way to make email more private.

Confidential Mode doesn’t use the standard email protocols to deliver the message, instead the message is hosted on google’s server. It allows you to set an Expiration Date to emails, so that once the date arrives the email will not longer be viewable by the recipient.


Confidential Mode the recipients who are aren’t viewing the email in Gmail have to click a link to open messages in a browser and emails marked as Confidential can’t be copied, forwarded, printed or downloaded.

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How To Send Self-Destructing Emails In Confidential Mode?

Now lets see on how to use confidential mode in gmail to send Self-Destructing Emails. Just make sure you are on the new gmail interface.

  • Login to your Gmail account and click Compose.
  • As usual write an email to a recipient and add attachment if required.
  • Next you need to enable the Confidential Mode by selecting the padlock icon with a timer.

  • Now a new window comes up where you can set the expiration date. You can select from one day up to 5 Years.

  • Then you can enable the SMS passcode if required

  • Once completed click on Save.
  • Now when you click Send and if you have enabled SMS passcode then it you might be asked for recipient phone number.
  • Everything done, the recipient will be able to view the email till the expiration date.
  • If the recipient is a normal Gmail user with the new version enabled the email will look like this.


  • When the email expires the text disappears entirely:

Note : If you want the message before the expiration date then just go to the send folder where you will have the option to disable the access immediately.

  • As mentioned before, it will be different for the recipient who is not a Gmail user or using Gmail on Email client. They will be receiving an email with a link to view the message in the email.

So now you have an idea on the new Gmail feature called as confidential mode to send self destructing email to anyone.

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