The gross popularity, far-off advancement, and pervasive use of technology has undeniably helped businesses around the world make more sales, follow up on leads more easily, more accurately target its average customer demographic, and brought tons of other benefits to businesses in just about every – not just about; the correct phrase is every single – industry across planet Earth, cyber security.

Think of your account logins. How many do you have?

If I were a betting man, I’d guess that you thought of nothing related to work, rather, you thought of account logins for your personal accounts – think social media accounts, email inboxes, and digital cloud storage boxes.
Want to know the central problem with cybersecurity in today’s world?

The passwords are too damn easy!

Remember “The rent is too damn high?” Maybe not? Wow – I’m old.
In other news…
Research indicates that the vast majority of personal identification numbers, passwords, and other Cyber security metrics are far too easy to guess. Just think – what if every time you heard the word “hacker” being perpetuated by news media publications, it simply meant “try-hard password guessers.”
While there are certainly highly-skilled, real-deal-Holyfield hackers out there, the vast majority of data breaches occur because people signing up for various accounts make it far too easy to guess one’s password.

Statistics indicate that…

… at least 80 percent of all business data breaches were made possible through sloppy password handling. OneLogin’s single sign-on and multifactor authentication features help prevent these problems – but who cares about business success and thriving, anyways?

Don’t quit reading!

Now that you know the problem, you need to be equipped with four essential hunks of information.
TL; DR: The Internet is home to countless access and identity management services providers – think OneLogin, a nearly ten-year veteran in the tech security business. All of the following problems can be solved through the proper implementation of a program like OneLogin.

Only you are most interested in your business’ cyber security safeguard

While some of us – maybe even you – enjoy volunteering, generously donating, finding jobs for homeless, and otherwise helping people in need, humans are inherently selfish.
After all, without the drive of self-preservation such as pentesting, that’s inherent in all organisms, society most likely wouldn’t be where it’s at.
With these principles in mind, you must reduce service contracts through third-party providers. Why?
Let’s say you have a jar of honey with one hole on the side. You have one free hand. You can easily seal that jar of honey for a long time, maybe even indefinitely.
Uh oh – now we have 10 holes. Good luck plugging all of those. Did you know that at least one-third of all mid- to large-sized businesses in the United States outsource services to third-party organizations?
Only you are interested in preserving your best interest. Taking care of services yourself cuts down on the number of holes in your honey jar.


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