Elon Musk, with his history of juggling different activities between organizations like the SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company, has now his sights set on making a Cyborg Dragon. The unfavorable part isn’t Dragon yet Cybor, since it suggests there’s a natural segment to the entire endeavor.
With no different points of interest, that one tweet has enough energy among the general population to produce remarks and retweets over the globe. Some reacted with Game of Thrones jokes, some set forward the irritating thought that a “cyborg” mythical beast must have a living component to it and there were theories on whether Musk’s new flamethrower will be utilized as a major aspect of the undertaking.
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Elon Musk tweeted: “Oh btw I’m building a cyborg dragon.

Neuralink is one such baffling task of Elon Musk that is identified with building up a brain embed that would give people a chance to associate their brains with machines and transform themselves into cyborgs.
The pioneer of Tesla demonstrated to cynics that his Silicon Valley electric auto organization could ascend as a genuine contender to conventional automakers, driving TSLA’s increases to more than 440% of every five years at a market capitalization of $55.3 billion.
Presently, the CEO has been entrusted with facilitating financial specialists’ fretfulness in regards to the increase underway of the organization’s first mass-showcase vehicle, the Model 3 sedan, after a progression of assembling difficulties and deferred guarantees. Musk is known to beforehand have utilized this technique to produce interest, before really conveying what he guaranteed.
Once before he had declared on Twitter that flamethrowers would be sold by him, after the offer of 50,000 caps. At the point when the time came, a $600 flamethrower for sure started getting sold on The Boring Company’s site. Initially accepted to be a Twitter joke, did at last separate millions in flamethrower deals.
All things considered, you’ll need to wait. Most likely for another secretive tweet.


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