There are times in your online life when, because of different reasons, extraordinary measures must be taken. For all time delete your Google Gmail account is one of them. Google is the name we hear relatively each day of our lives. Numerous individuals around the globe are general clients of service like Google Search, Maps, and YouTube if a couple are to be named.

All things considered, deleting your Google Gmail account and erasing the mail in it is truly clear an errand. Deleting your Gmail account will erase every one of your mails and close your inbox. On the off chance that anyone attempts to email you at that address after you’ve deleted your google gmail account, the email will bounce back.

Emails will in any case exist in the email account of the general population with whom you’ve compared, except if they too have erased their email accounts.

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Things to note before you Delete Your Google Gmail Account ?

  • You may lose access to 3rd party services related with your Gmail account.
  • You should need to download a backup of every one of your mails.

Delete Your Google Gmail Account

  • Deleting your Gmail account won’t free up your username.
  • Deleting your Gmail account won’t erase your Google Account.
  • Finally You will lose access to your account.

Steps to Delete Your Google Gmail Account ?

  • Enter your Gmail accreditations and snap Sign in.

  • Go to your Google My Account settings and Click on Account Preference.


  • Look down to discover Delete your account or services and Click on Delete Google account and data.

  • Enter your gmail account password.
  • Now, it’ll show all the data that will be erased alongside your Google account. You can download the information dump on the off chance that you need.
  • On the base of the page, you can tick the checkbox to erase your Google information for all time.

  • Tap on Delete Account and say goodbye to Google.

Along these lines, this was way you can delete your Google gmail account forever.


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