If you start a new business, you should think about creating a logo for the company or for the products it makes. There are facts that have shown the humans are very strong in visual memory, and they tend to remember more of what they see than what they read.

Starting a business may be easy, but it’s not easy for you when you want to build a brand identity that many people can recognize. A logo will help people remember your business, and the logo must be created with a unique, excellent and memorable design.

But the fact is that making a logo is not easy. A person who can operate design software like Corel Draw cannot necessarily produce a good logo, because this requires a high imagination of ideas.
Another way that is often used by most people is to find and hire a talented designer to be assigned to create a logo that can express and represent the business in the form of a logo. But finding a designer is also not easy and tends to be very expensive.

Here you don’t need to worry, because I will provide a solution for you in the post so that you can make logos with good quality by utilizing DesignEvo.

DesignEvo is a site that can help you (entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, associations, etc.) to create various logos. It provides you with thousands of logo templates that are professionally designed.

You only need to select the logo template, enter your brand name, adjust various properties, and your logo is finished in just a few minutes.

DesignEvo offers 17 categories like agriculture, real estate, technology, business, health, etc., so you can definitely make a logo that suits your needs.

How to Make a Logo on DesignEvo?

First, please visit the website at and click on the “Make a Free Logo” button to get started. Then you will be shown many logo templates that you can choose from. You can search with keywords to find the logo that you think is the most suitable.

Once you select a template, you will be asked to enter your company name or slogan in the column. Of course, you have the option to skip it because you can also add and modify text on the next editing canvas.


In the second step, the logo you choose will be displayed on the canvas where you can do many edits such as changing the font, changing the color of the logo, adding text, adding shapes, adding icons, adjusting the position, replacing background and so on.


In the last step, if the logo you have made is as desired, click the “Download” button to export it. There is an option to download a free logo or buy a premium logo.

Downloading a logo with low resolution is free and suitable for website use with JPG/PNG file format. But if you want the best quality logo that can be used for a variety of needs and printing, you can pay for it.

The price offered is quite cheap starting from $19.99to $39.99. This can be a very cheap choice compared to when you hire a professional designer to create your company’s brand identity.


Overall, DesignEvo makes it easy for anyone in creating a logo. You don’t need special expertise in the design field because everything is simple and straightforward.

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