Proxies work as an influential mediator. They are generally hired by individuals or companies to work better on the web. In simple terms, proxies act as a bridge between the internet and your demands web server.

Another very crucial use of the proxy is that they help the users in hiding their real identity. With the help of a proxy server, you can become an anonymous user surfing the web.

So, it can be said that users make use of proxies to protect and hide their IP addresses and real identities so that no site can detect their frequent visits on it.

Proxies and Types

It is the most general information regarding the use of proxies; now let us know about some of the most used proxy types –

A Shared Proxy – As the name speaks for itself, shared proxies can be used by more than one person, at a time. When a user is accessing shared proxies, it means that other users can connect to it, too.

There are certain disadvantages of working on a shared proxy but there are many advantages of it, as well. When compared to other types of proxy options available in the market, the shared proxy is very cheap and many times, it is available for free.

This makes this method absolutely money saving for the users. Another exciting benefit of using a shared proxy is an equal distribution of cost.

Yeah! This type of proxies allows you to share the total server cost between the numbers of users working on it for specific hours.

It plays an important role when you want to perform SEO tasks. For instance, if you want to crawl the backlinks and track the ranks on Google. You can use this type of proxy to cut the cost.

A Private Proxy – Again, the name tells you about itself, The premiumprivate proxies are solely used by one single user.

When compared to other proxy types, this type of proxy has better incentives. The first and foremost is that you can solely use it. It protects your MAC or IP address in a better way.

It guarantees absolute anonymity over the web. The users can freely browse the web without any time limit. Since, only a single user is involved, therefore the speed is very fast.

This type of proxy can circumvent the blocked sites and you can easily bypass the filters and firewalls. You can freely visit the search engines to enter multiple requests.

A Dedicated Proxy – The dedicated proxies are preferred by the business people which optimize the proxy server for faster speed and the dedicated proxies usually are checked and guaranteed to work for assigned websites, such as Amazon, Ticketmaster and so on, They work really well when you need something to cater your business requirements.

If you are making the required effort and you want instant results then connect to dedicated proxies for it. This type of proxies offers the maximum level of protection as it can never be used by an outsider. Therefore, it is best for managing the advertisement tasks.

Depending on their pros and cons, choose the one which is best for you, as per your needs!

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