A great number of recently discharged veterans experience a certain period of unemployment after leaving the military. As frustrating as this can be, it’s not a reason for concern. New job opportunities are emerging as we speak, in huge part thanks to the cyberspace and its ever-evolving digital market. 

As a career choice, digital marketing offers incredible opportunities to military vets.

Apart from tech savviness and business expertise, desirable skills in this digital sector include strong organizational skills and flexibility in new work environments. A digital marketer should also possess great people skills and a strategic mind, to be goal-oriented, patient, innovative, and self-disciplined.

Sounds familiar?

Here’s why you should consider digital marketing for your post-military career path.

Job Requirements & Work Style Profile

Digital or not, marketing requires a certain type of employee – a person who is very analytical and objective, but also creative under pressure. An eligible candidate for a job in marketing should, therefore, enjoy new intellectual challenges and be resourceful, flexible, and good at problem-solving.

All these qualities make former service members of the Army outstanding employees. Whether you’re transitioning from the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, or the Air Force, the Army has certainly equipped you with strong work ethic, teamwork spirit, and transferrable skills that fit perfectly into the job requirements and work style profiles necessary for a career in digital marketing.

What About Technical Requirements?

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field of work. We don’t dare say that this career path won’t challenge you to learn, advance, and grow – on the contrary, being a digital marketer means staying on top of everything that’s going on in both business and cyberspace. That’s why flexibility is crucial.

Luckily for you, this is another thing that military vets and digital marketers have in common.

In order to jumpstart your digital marketing career, you’ll need to be familiar with basic notions of inbound marketing and branding strategies. Other technical requirements include social media skills, knowledge of advertising platforms, familiarity with digital analysis tools, and great SEO knowledge.

Mastering them will take a couple of months, but it will be worth your while.

The good news is – everything you need to know about digital marketing can be learned in the digital sphere. Learning resources here range from YouTube tutorials to comprehensive textbooks on every individual aspect of digital marketing, making knowledge acquisition in this field fast and convenient.

How to Get Started in Digital Marketing?

Until you gain some experience working in this field, you’ll probably need to offer your skills and services as a freelancer or outsourcer. So, your first step would be to get a powerful computer and build a home office. If you are still looking for a new home where you could set up your office, you can look at VA construction loans, and build a house with some additional office space.

When you feel that your home office is ready and that you know enough to apply your newly learned skills, take the Google Analytics I.Q. Exam or a similar standardized test to assess your knowledge. The test results can also serve as a way to demonstrate to your potential employer that you have a solid understanding of digital marketing.

Also, take an online digital marketing course that issues a certificate.

Unlike YouTube tutorials and textbooks, these courses offer a range of applicable skills based on real-life employability demands and current digital marketing trends. When you start looking for job positions, a certificate from one of these courses can mean a difference between winning and losing.

How to Look for a Digital Marketing Job?

The best way to start looking for a digital marketing job is by establishing a strong online presence in the industry. And this is not only because the employment opportunities in this industry are all web-based. It’s also because an eligible digital marketer must be able to market and sell their skillset.

Start by making yourself noticeable on LinkedIn, UpWork, and Fiverr.

As social platforms and online marketplaces, these sites will help you get in touch with industry experts and thus build a network of experienced professionals. Make sure they know how you are by posting relevant content on LinkedIn and publishing your own insights into digital marketing trends.

Also, consider creating a website for your business

Digital marketing is all about brand-building, so start building yourself as a brand.

What to Expect from This Career Path?

As a military veteran, you can look for employment in skilled trades, education, transportation, law enforcement, or government. All these jobs require a lot of legwork. Many of these positions are highly competitive and tied to corporate environments for which you would need years of adjusting.

None of them can offer you an opportunity to be your own boss.

Digital marketing is not so popular because it’s highly creative or easy to master. Though it is both of these things, it’s first and foremost liberating. After years spent serving your country, you deserve a job you’ll do on your own terms. Digital marketing allows you to establish a healthy work-life balance.

And we can all agree that nothing is more important.

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