How To Disable Chrome Software Reporter Tool In Windows 10 PC?

Software Reporter Tool is a stand-alone process running Google Chrome. It’s a part of the Chrome Cleanup Tool that is responsible for monitoring the Chrome installation and documenting whether any additional components conflict with the browser’s normal operation.

The device is not related to the network but is used mainly by users to detect programs that might interfere with it.

Though the tool is useful, it can cause problems on your machine at times. Data Reporting Tool often consumes loads of memory and creates problems with high CPU usage and disc use.

It can slow down your computer and can cause other programs to crash. Also many users concerned with the privacy may not want to allow this tool to run on their device as it may send the report of the scan results to Google.

Even though waiting for a few minutes to complete the processing isn’t a big challenge, it sometimes gets annoying. So, here are some ways to fully disable or delete reporter software tool.

Method#1 – Disable Software Reporter Tool Using File Permissions

The first approach is to disable permissions to read / write to the application so it can run.

  • First Right-click on the folder SwReporter and select Properties from the Menu option.
  • Now go to the Security tab and select Advanced on the page that opens.
  • Then Click on Disable inheritance and select remove all inherited permissions from this object.
  • Now select Apply and in the Windows Security prompt Yes and then click on OK and OK once again.

No group or user should have access to Software Reporter Tool anymore.

Method#2 – Disable Software Reporter Tool Using Chrome Policies

Google implemented policy support that may be used by administrators to configure other Chrome features; one of the policies available controls the browser’s App Reporter Tool.

  • First type regedit.exe in Windows Run top open the Registry Editor and then copy/paste the given location on the address bar HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome
  • Now right-click on the Chrome key and select New  and then Dword (32-bit) Value and name it ChromeCleanupReportingEnabled and keep its value 0

Note: The value of ChromeCleanupEnabled decides if the Program Reporter Tool may be running on the device.

  • 0 means the tool is disabled and won’t be run.
  • 1 means the Software Reporter is enabled and will be run by Chrome.

The meaning of ChromeCleanupReportingEnabled determines whether the results are transmitted to Google.

  • 0 means the reporting is disabled.
  • 1 means the reporting is enabled.

The Software Reporter tool is disabled from now on, and would not run in the background, resulting in high disk consumption and high CPU usage, slowing down Windows PCs.

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